2021 marks a special year for ASI – it’s our 10-year anniversary! And how better to celebrate than with a makeover!

Our new brand includes two exciting changes:

  1. A revised name
  2. A new logo

When ASI was created in 2011, we really were an initiative. ASI was created with support from Fund for the Arts to provide much-needed services and programs to our region’s arts industry. This included administering the New York State Council on the Arts’ (NYSCA) Decentralization grants to Erie and Niagara counties, advocating for the arts industry, and providing professional development and training opportunities.

Ten years later, we are still offering these programs and even more. While there will always be challenges the industry faces that need to be addressed, we no longer feel like an initiative created to fill a gap.

That’s why we have shortened our name to Arts Services Inc. We are still the same great ASI you know and love, but are no longer an “…Initiative of Western New York.”

Since our previous logo listed our former very lengthy name, why wouldn’t we take this opportunity to redesign our visual identity as well!

ASI launched an RFP process in late 2019 to find a designer who could help us redesign our logo and brand. After an extensive review of and interviews with many high-quality candidates, we chose local designer and artist Casey Kelly to help us complete our new visual identity.

ASI logo progression

ASI logo progression

The new logo gives ASI our very own signature! Casey’s design uses bold and vibrant colors. This organic and energetic design works well as a full logo or as a stand-alone tag. We feel certain this new identity will help ASI become even more visible in the community, while also better representing what we do and the creative industry we support.

Feel free to explore our website and social media pages to see all the ways our new identity can and will be used!

And, as always, please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do to assist you.

Arts Services Inc. (ASI) empowers the region’s artists and arts organizations with connections to funding, learning opportunities, and community access to the arts. We are a resource hub for the Western New York arts and cultural sector.

ASI envisions a region where inclusive creative communities are valued and visible, and where artists and arts organizations have access to the resources needed to advance and thrive.

Casey Kelly teaches graphic design at Rochester Institute of Technology and is an independent designer and brand strategist through her business at buffalodesignstudio.