At the beginning of 2021, we set a goal for ourselves; raise a total of $10,000 in celebration of ASI’s 10 year anniversary. Thanks to the outpouring of support in our community, we’re so close to being able to start 2022 with a huge win under our belts.
We’re only $34 away from the big $10K and we need your help to close this marginal gap before the new year. Your gift of $5 or $10 could be the amount that pushes us over the finish line and allows us to accomplish our goals in the years to come.
What are those goals?
  • Expanding our Arts Access program to include more partner organizations, more frequent transportation, and more benefits and perks for passholders
  • Creating new programs and services based on the needs of the field
  • Improving our ability to serve artists of color through new project opportunities, funding, and leadership representation
If you’ve never given to Arts Services Inc before, now is your chance to make your holiday donation count. Every dollar in goes back into helping local artists pursue their passions, increasing accessibility to the arts in your neighborhood, and making the WNY arts community a vibrant one.
We rely on the support from our community and we wouldn’t have made it 10 years without all of you. Thank you!

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