Arts Services Inc has partnered with the Bills and Sabres Foundations to participate in WNY’s inaugural Give 716 campaign, taking place July 16, 2021.


Why give to ASI?


During the COVID-19 shutdown, the arts industry was one of the first industries to shut down and was the last industry to reopen. ASI provides connections to funding and learning opportunities for individual artists and arts and cultural organizations, as well as community access to the arts for economically disadvantaged individuals. The WNY arts and cultural sector is at a critical time right now where creativity is flowing and artists are eager to share their work with the community once again. Live performances are returning as well as in-person programs, and ASI is at the forefront of it all working to ensure that everyone has the resources and support that they need to reopen as successfully as possible!


Why give on Give 716 Day?


Give 716 came to fruition because the Buffalo Bills and Sabres Foundations recognized that area nonprofits need support now more than ever as we all recover from the last year and a half. Give 716 is an effort to unify the WNY community by providing an outlet for donors and nonprofit organizations to come together on one day.


In addition, Give 716 will also offer various bonus opportunities throughout the event to reward participating organizations with even more funding! Any time that an organization receives a donation, they will be eligible for bonus grants, matching opportunities, and more! This is an incredible way to promote ASI and to raise funds so that we can make an even greater impact on the WNY arts and cultural community.


How do I give?


Give 716 will open on July 15th at 7:16 pm and will culminate on July 16th, 2021. Head over to the Give 716 website and search for “Arts Services Inc” under the “Discover” tab or use the button below. Your payment will be taken via their online portal and you’ll be done before you can say “LET’S GO BUFFALO!”