How to Stay Connected and Advocate for Your Work

Friday, November 6, 2020 at 3:15 pm
With Jennifer Swan-Kilpatrick / ASI, and members of the Cultural Alliance of Niagara and Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance

It’s easy to feel disconnected and alone during these challenging times. The overall economy has taken a massive blow and the arts have taken a back seat in the public eye. We are overwhelmed and we feel helpless, like we’re floating in a void. But you’re not alone. The entire arts and culture industry is feeling this way. And we can work through this by coming together.

This session will talk about what networks and resources are available, what steps they are and have been taking, and how you can get involved or advocate for your own work. This session also encourages active participation. Be prepared to share your concerns, hesitations, and questions; your ideas and solutions; and how we as an industry can work together to support each other and ensure success for all.

Cultural Alliance of Niagara
The Cultural Alliance of Niagara (CAN) is a member-powered collaborative that positions Niagara County’s flourishing arts and cultural sector as a vital regional asset and visitor destination, essential to the region’s economic success and quality of life.

CAN was formed in the mid-1980s when cultural tourism was taking shape in Niagara County. An early advocate of this important economic development strategy, CAN quickly became a critical partnership between the region’s arts, cultural, and heritage organizations to raise awareness of its destinations and to secure funding and support.

Today, CAN’s goal is to increase familiarity and foster partnerships among business, community, and civic leaders in Niagara County and to integrate the sector into the life of its residents. ASI works closely with CAN by providing administrative support and guidance.

Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance
The mission of Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance (GBCA) is to harness the aggregate resources of our cultural organizations to position arts, culture, and creativity as critical community assets and priority areas for public and private investment and engagement. ASI works closely with GBCA in fostering and promoting advocacy efforts on behalf of Western New York’s arts and cultural organizations.

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