Creating Access in Arts Education Through Collaborations

Friday, November 6, 2020 at 11:00 am
With Brandi Cane / Buffalo Center for Arts & Technology; Frani Evedon / Buffalo Society of Artists; and Brad Hahn / Explore Buffalo

Whether through an in-school arts class, a field trip to an arts or cultural site, or being part of an after school program, for many young people and their families this is the first, and often only, exposure they have to the arts. And from these experiences, they decide whether or not they wish to engage in, benefit from, and become a regular part of the arts community. Join Brandi and Brad as they discuss how you can leverage collaborations and partnerships with other arts and cultural organizations and artists to develop a more expansive experience and reach more people in the community who need access to these types of experiences.

Brandi Cane
Brandi Cane began serving as the Youth Arts Program Director of BCAT in July 2019. She moved to Buffalo from Colorado with her two sons, where she served her community as a student freedom advocate for women and children in sex trafficking with the State of Colorado regulating one of the enforcement divisions serving the community. She has B.S. in Organizational Leadership and Management from CSU, spent 20 years in Corporate Training Experience, 10 years as a Title I Schools Liaison for Jefferson County, Colorado, and 5 years as a Case Worker with youth and deployed families for the Red Cross in Ft. Knox, Kentucky. Brandi’s passion and commitment for Buffalo has been seen every day since she has arrived at BCAT, she is looking forward to becoming more involved in the Buffalo community she and her son’s call home.

The Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology (BCAT) provides resilient learners needing targeted supports with educational and career-centered opportunities in an environment of hope and discovery. They mentor and prepare adults to secure new career pathways in the healthcare fields, and they motivate high school youth to stay in school, explore their creativity and identity, and plan for their future through inquiry-based learning in an afterschool arts program.

Frani Evedon
Originally from Long Island, NY, Frani Evedon earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts specializing in sculpture and metalsmithing from Hofstra University. However, she found that photography allowed her to capture a sense of synchronicity not satisfactorily available to her three-dimensionally. In 1979, she and her husband relocated to Buffalo. She began exhibiting her work while working as a custom color printer at Campos Photography Center and Rocco Photographics. In 1987, she earned her New York State K-12 art education certificate, and in 1991, her Masters of Science in Art Education, both from Buffalo State College. Starting in 1987, she taught at Orchard Park High School for 27 years, and was department chair for 19 years, continuing to create and exhibit throughout her teaching career.

Currently, she is working with alternative photographic techniques such as gum bichromate, cyanotype and gumoil. Her work has been shown locally and nationally, and has been included in a number of publications. She has been on the BSA Board of Directors for 4 years, first as Communications Chair and now as President.

The Buffalo Society of Artists is one of the oldest continually operating arts organizations in the country. Started in 1891 to promote and expand the awareness of Western New York artists, we maintain the same mission today.

Brad Hahn
Brad Hahn is the Executive Director of Explore Buffalo, Buffalo’s leading nonprofit architecture and history tour organization. With more than 200 active volunteers, Explore Buffalo provides a wide variety of tours of neighborhoods across Western New York. In 2019, more than 25,000 people attended an Explore Buffalo tour, program, or event. A University at Buffalo graduate, Brad has been Executive Director since 2013.

Explore Buffalo® is a non-profit organization providing tours and other opportunities to discover Buffalo’s great architecture, history, and neighborhoods.

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