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Bookkeeping & Fiscal Sponsorship Services

Bookkeeping & Fiscal Sponsorship Services

Arts Services Initiative of WNY Offers Financial Support Services for Organizations and Artists

The 2 types of services we offer include BOOKKEEPING and FISCAL SPONSORSHIP.



  • Organize your financial records and assist with budgeting needs using Quickbooks (or another software or record keeping system).

  • Produce financial statements and reports for your Board of Directors or financial supporters.

  • Ideal for non-profits, for-profit businesses in the creative field, or artists and creative entrepreneurs.

  • We can provide financial support and bookkeeping services for a few hours a week, every other week, or monthly based on your needs.

  • Bookkeeping services are based on an hourly rate.


  • Fiscal sponsorship is a fundraising tool that enables an individual, group of individuals, or organizations to raise funds using the benefits of a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

  • Use ASI’s 501c3 status to be eligible for and apply for local, regional, and national funding grant opportunities.

  • Assistance with donation and ticket processing services for campaigns and events.

  • Artists can apply to NYS Council on the Arts annual grant application process (requires a fiscal sponsor).

  • Fiscal Sponsorship fees are based on a percentage.


Fiscally Sponsored Projects & Initiatives

  • Beau Fleuve

  • The Cass Project, Tina Dillman

  • Creative Conference by Dana Saylor

  • Devin’s Message Foundation

  • Foundling’s Press

  • Fredonia Jazz Society

  • The Ground Up

  • The Iron Event

  • JazzBuffalo

  • Nick Cave PLENTY by Claire Schneider

  • Nikola Tesla Statue & Park Project

  • Null Point

  • Sotto Voce Vocal Collective

  • SWARMS by Alicia Marvan

Bookkeeping Clients

  • All for One Theatre Productions

  • The Buffalo History Museum

  • Center for Elder Law & Justice

  • CEPA Gallery

  • Community Music School of Buffalo

  • For Our Daughters

  • Neglia Ballet

  • Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Area & Museum

  • Stained Glass Association of America

  • Theodore Roosevelt National Inaugural Historic Site

  • WNY Book Arts Center


CEPA Gallery

Bookkeeping Client

“…Mark [Banaszak] is a real gem. He’s positive, smart, reliable, personable and has a very good sense of humor…a real pleasure to work with. Lawrence and I are super happy with him and so is the CEPA Board of Directors. We are so glad CEPA was able to take advantage of the opportunity presented by ASI and thank you very much for this opportunity.”

– Lynda Kaszubski, Executive Assistant & Lawrence Brose, Executive Director, CEPA Gallery

CEPA Gallery Logo

Stained Glass Association of America

Bookkeeping Client

“The SGAA would really like to grow and thrive in WNY. The organization has been surviving over the last 10 years at our previous home, but we see our move to Buffalo as the start of a new chapter for us. Using the services of ASI in the area of fiscal responsibility is another crucial first step in getting us on the right track and we’re immensely grateful that this service exists.”

– Megan McElfresh, SGAA Executive Director

Cass Project, Tina Dillman

Fiscal Sponsor Client

“As an artist, running my own business and wearing many hats, the support I receive from ASI as one of their fiscal sponsored projects is phenomenal. It saves me time and allows me to be able to focus more on the creative side of things. Plus the staff are the best! Very resourceful and supportive.”

–  Tina Dillman, Director, The Cass Project


Contact: Mark BanaszakFiscal Associate
Call (716) 362-8389 x513 or email at for additional information.


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