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Artist Residency in Quebec

Artist-in-Residence Exchange Program

This is a grant opportunity for New York State artists to go to Quebec for a three month residency with a partner in that region.  All artistic disciplines and host sites (in the Province of Quebec) are welcome.  Residencies outside of Montreal are encouraged.



Brooklyn, New York

Literature & Poetry

Concordia University’ Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society & Culture (Montreal, Quebec)

REMOVAL – A novel in progress.  The final quarter of the novel is set in Montreal and concerns a Somali immigrant who flees there from the U.S., believing Canadian immigration policies to be more compassionate than American ones.


Buffalo, New York

Digital & Media Arts

The SenseLab (Montreal, Quebec)

Whole/Part/Order/One: A 360 Collective Avatar – an artistic research project that blends collective performance and new media art production in open laboratory sessions that invite participants to perform together in the making of a 360 degree media art project as a collective avatar.

Artist Work NYS-Quebec Artist Residency Program


Brooklyn, New York


Fonderie Darling (Montreal, Quebec)

The Mobil-Survival-Architecture-Studio-Laboratory – an architectural research installation and exploratory work on the subject of survival and materials.


Brooklyn, New York

Theatre & Playwriting

Centre des auteurs dramatiques (Montreal, Quebec)

Would You Be Love — A new play set on a space shuttle as its captain confronts her diminishing mental health and the crew has to decide what love and honor means in a place so small and so vast.

Photo Credit: Bex Wade


Troy, New York

Multidisciplinary Arts

Sporobole (Sherbrooke, Quebec)

Stepper Choir – a short series of performances/installations, with each focusing on a different aspect of the system in order to explore its capacities and offer opportunity for sharing information about the system with local audiences.


Brooklyn, New York

Literature & Poetry

Quebec Writers Federation (Westmount, Quebec)

Yet Wilderness Grew in My Heart – a novel, public readings, and free youth writing workshops.



From Brooklyn to Valley Falls, the Hudson Valley in between
Multidisciplinary Arts
SenseLab (Montreal, Quebec)
“Deathbeds” – a multi-platform opera project focused on re-imagining the intermediary zone between urgency and expiration.  This residency includes a series of workshops, reading groups, open labs for performance and public programming exploring themes of inter-causality, anticipation and active prevention, irrevocable speech, bodies in trauma and celebrations of life.
Kyle Marler Quebec


Buffalo, New York
Digital & Media Arts
Sporobole (Sherbrooke, Quebec)
“SAFE WOR(L)D” – a virtual reality performance installation, which will require facilities for the recording and surround-sound mixing the immersive soundscapes for the virtual reality environments. This project is an extension of Flatsitter’s recent forays in virtual reality performance.

And “They Kill Things” which is a feature-length experimental film centered around footage captured of a local theatrical production put on by a theater production company called Torn Space Theater, utilizing the A/V studio at Sporobole for editing and scoring the film.  This will be one part documentary, one part documentation of the event, and one part feature film adaptation of the theatrical performance.


Brooklyn, New York
Dance & Choreography
Circuit-Est (Montreal, Quebec)
To create a dance project (danced by McGuire) which will involve new works by three choreographers, Sylvain Émard (Montreal), Belinda McGuire (New York City) and Zoë Scofield (Seattle) and a creative technical team.  Though each artist has a unique vision and process, all three create sensitive, responsive, and vital work, through their attention to the interaction between performer and environment, and the cultivation of the performer as a decision-making, navigating, receptive, observant person, living within the choreographic structure.



Accord, New York
Visual Arts
Sporobole Centre en Art Actuel (Sherbrooke, Quebec)
Sherbrooke Formations is a group of photographic lenticular crystal cluster installations, created in collaboration with the street and housed youth and social workers of Le Tremplin 16-30 and the Coalition Sherbrookoise pour le Travail de Rue. Each installation cluster presents fragmented and animated depictions of the project participants’ perspectives drawn from daily life and captured through photography. Over the course of the residency artworks crystallized and featured both indoors and outdoors along rue Wellington Sud, that relate back to a central installation at Espace Zybladone, the gallery at Le Tremplin.


Brooklyn, New York
Visual Arts
Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve (Havre-Saint-Pierre, Quebec)
A sculptural installation in the Mignan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada. Within the residency time the artist developed sketches, maquettes and small sculptures while creating various artistic interactions with both the community and natural surroundings of Mingan.


Geneseo, New York
Music & Composition
Choeur Classique de I’Outaouias (Gatineau, Quebec)
This residency produced the Missa Kreyol/Messe créole. This 30-40 minute, multi movement work was written for SATB choir, soloists, and Haitian percussion. The work utilized French and Haitian Kreyol languages by weaving additional texts into the fabric of the concert mass form. The musical content fused traditional Haitian rhythms and song forms with European choral gestures.


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