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Grants and Funding Opportunities

Use this section as a tool to search for upcoming grant deadlines for funding and to find out more about regional foundations and funding agencies.  We regularly hear from individual artists and non-profit organizations inquiring about alternate funding opportunities.  This is a collection of those opportunities.

NOTE:  If you have specific questions regarding funding sources outside of Arts Services Initiative, please directly contact that funder or provider.




  • Baird Foundation
  • Cameron and Jane Baird Foundation
  • Davis Family Foundation
  • Josephine Goodyear Foundation
  • Joy Family Foundation
  • Louis P. Ciminelli Family Foundation
  • Margaret L. Wendt Foundation
  • Patrick P. Lee Foundation
  • Robert & Patricia Colby Foundation
  • Simple Gifts Fund

Additional information about the above listed foundations can be found at


If you notice any funding agencies or opportunities that are missing, please submit your information to and we would be glad to add it to our page.

Health Insurance for the WNY Arts & Cultural Sector

For plan details or other health or dental insurance assistance, please contact one of the Licensed Brokers at the Amherst Chamber of Commerce:

Penny LaPlaca

Olivia Dann

Christine Langenfeld

Phone: (716) 632.6905


Arts Services Initiative and the Amherst Chamber of Commerce have partnered to bring the arts and cultural sector of Western New York access to group rate health insurance. Arts organizations are eligible for a Small Group plan by providing a NYS-45 to show that there is one or more employees at the business, that takes the insurance (other than the business owner and/or spouse).  If you are a small company with only 1099 employees, you may also be eligible for Small Group plans.

Individuals who own and operate their own business can also access Individual Market insurance through the Amherst Chamber.  Individual artists include musicians, sculptors, tech crew, arts administrators and professionals, etc.

If you are a small business struggling to understand all the changes in health insurance or wondering how to contain costs, the Amherst Chamber of Commerce can be your solution. They have three licensed brokers on staff who are available five days a week throughout the year to offer assistance.

The following are just some of the ways the Amherst Chamber can offer guidance:

  • If you are a sole proprietor or a working individual, they can help you identify the product that aligns with your budget and medical requirements
  • If you have a small company with 1099 employees, they can create a group insurance plan that lowers the individual premium costs
  • If you are a small firm and don’t have the benefit expertise to select plans for your employees, they will meet with you or the individual employees and create a plan
  • If you want to lower premium costs, they can assist you in understanding Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s)and the long and short term value to you and your employees at no additional cost

Dental Insurance

Your dental health is as important as your medical health.  The Amherst Chamber offers dental coverage.

Most dental insurance policies emphasize prevention and diagnostics, typically covering two annual exams and cleanings, plus X-rays, and for children, fluoride treatments. But the real benefit is being covered for bigger ticket procedures such as fillings, root canals and crowns.  Pediatric Dental coverage, an essential health benefit under the Affordable Care Act for dependents under the age of 19, is embedded in some but not all dental plans and differs in coverage.

To learn more contact the Amherst Chamber at 716-632-6905 or email


Small Group Plan
Individual Independent Health Plan
Individual Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan
Dental BCBS
Dental Plan
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