New York State / Province of Quebec

Artist-in-Residence Exchange Program

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Congratulations to our 2015-2016 artists!

Bethany Ides
Home Town: Bloomington, New York
Artistic Discipline: Multi-disciplinary Arts
Quebec Residency Venue: SenseLab (Montreal, Quebec)

Program Description: “Deathbeds” – a multi-platform opera project focused on re-imagining the intermediary zone between urgency and expiration.  This residency includes a series of workshops, reading groups, open labs for performance and public programming exploring themes of inter-causality, anticipation and active prevention, irrevocable speech, bodies in trauma and celebrations of life.


Kyle Marler (Flatsitter)
Home Town: Buffalo, New York
Artistic Discipline: Digital & Media Arts
Quebec Residency Venue: Sporobole (Sherbrooke, Quebec)

Program Description: “SAFE WOR(L)D” – a virtual reality performance installation, which will require facilities for the recording and surround-sound mixing the immersive soundscapes for the virtual reality environments. This project is an extension of Flatsitter’s recent forays in virtual reality performance.

And “They Kill Things” which is a feature-length experimental film centered around footage captured of a local theatrical production put on by a theater production company called Torn Space Theater, utilizing the A/V studio at Sporobole for editing and scoring the film.  This will be one part documentary, one part documentation of the event, and one part feature film adaptation of the theatrical performance.


Belinda McGuire
Home Town: Brooklyn, New York
Artistic Discipline: Dance & Choreography
Quebec Residency Venue: Circuit-Est (Montreal, Quebec)

Program Description: To create a dance project (danced by McGuire) which will involve new works by three choreographers, Sylvain Émard (Montreal), Belinda McGuire (New York City) and Zoë Scofield (Seattle) and a creative technical team.  Though each artist has a unique vision and process, all three create sensitive, responsive, and vital work, through their attention to the interaction between performer and environment, and the cultivation of the performer as a decision-making, navigating, receptive, observant person, living within the choreographic structure.

ASI, on behalf of the New York State Council on the Arts, will provide each artist a stipend of $9,000 to cover their costs for travel, materials, and labor.  The artist cannot be compensated in any way while in Québec, and all displays of work and/or performances must be free and open to the public. 

2014 NYS-Quebec Artist Residency Recipients